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ABIQUEST LTD is a global ICT integrator with an extensive history that extends over 12 years and head quaters located in East Yorkshire,England,UK. 
With nearly 2,500 employees, 8 locations in 4 countries across Europe and Asia Pacific, and in Latin America under the Connectis brand, AniQuest LTD brings a strong capability and expertise in Workspace, Applications, Aviation&MRO, Unified Communications and Managed Cloud services to provide a pro-active, end-to-end portfolio to enable the digital user – business or consumer, in both public and private sector.

Cybersecurity All-rounder

At ABIQUEST LTD, we pride ourselves on being a great cybersecurity all-rounder, excelling in many of the services listed in this page. (Of course we would have to mention ourselves at the top of this list – we did write it, after all!)

Our cyber security services help you keep on top of GDPR laws and include protection against data breaches, penetration testing, laptop encryption, mobile security, cloud systems security, network security, plus antivirus and malware protection.

Network Security


BT focuses primarily on telecommunications, but it has also developed a substantial cyber security position. This portfolio is focussed on delivering network based managed security services. They offer the following specialist services:

  • asset oversight

  • threat identification and neutralisation

  • penetration testing

  • fraud defence, including authentication based identity theft

  • continuity planning to prevent DDOS attacks


Another big name, PWC offers network security in two forms: cyber threat detection/response, and cyber security and IT risk identification. They protect critical networks from attack through a combination of preventative and proactive measures for a range of larger scale clients.

Data Loss Prevention


Intellectual property and confidential personal data hold more value than ever before. Storing it securely is an obligation that companies should not be taking lightly. Clearswift are specialists at protecting against data/information leaks. They have developed a suite of products and programs, including the Adaptive Data Loss Prevention tool to assist secure data transfer and storage procedures.


SentryBay have a wide range of partners, including American Express, Check Point, Geico and Barlcays. This diversity in client base reflects the diverse range of offerings this company makes. They do focus on delivering their Data Protection Suite (DPS), but also work with anti-keylogging, mobile security and have an Armoured Browser for banking clients.

Antivirus and Malware Protection, Hacking


This company has been working in the field of cyber security for more than 30 years. They have deep experience and specialisations in antivirus and encryption. Alongside these two areas, Sophos has extended its reach into secure wifi and web and email gateways. Endpoint solutions focussing on device security and the cloud round out their offerings.


Becrypt offers specialisations in endpoint encryption. They work with both Windows and Android operating systems. In addition, they offer iOS mobile device management, USB/port control and thin client technology. Notably they recently launched a tVolution secure client on a USB stick.


This user-friendly interface has been developed to spot weaknesses in internet-facing systems. These weaknesses are gateways for hackers, and Intruder helps clients to fix the issues before they are exploited. The company provides ongoing assessments to ensure the strength of the systems against breaches.


Working with both public and private sectors, Assuria offers managed services across a number of areas. They focus on network traffic monitoring, offer a Cloud Security Suite, provide protective monitoring and web application server security. This robust offering provides protection against both attacks and poor security controls.

Cyber-analytics and Risk Intelligence


Another company that’s been around for a long time, Silobreaker seeks to provide IT departments with digestable, actionable information, filtered through their analytics programs. Analytics is a complex arena and there is constant innovation occurring in the field. The dashboards provided to companies make interpreting alerts simpler. Silobreaker offers both managed and on-premise services.

Acuity Risk Management

Another specialist in risk management, Acuity Risk Management has developed STREAM. This risk management software is used to assess governance, risk and compliance (GRC) by larger companies. Their latest release sees an improvement to custom detailed report generation.


BAE is a big name in defence, and cybersecurity is an obvious extension to this strategy. They provide consulting services to both government and commercial clients. Their main objective is to work with clients in preparing for and managing cyber attacks, and reducing exposure to them in the first instance.


Flying under the radar, Citicus quietly and reliably offers the well-regarded Citicus One platform. It is primarily risk and compliance management software. The platform is flexible and can be used on premises or as a managed service. Over time, Citicus has developed an excellent reputation for it’s ability to visualise risk.


Swivel Secure

Swivel Secure have developed an authentication platform that has reach across most applications. They deploy a two-factor authentication system (using physical tokens), across web, Virtual Private Network (VPN), desktop and cloud applications. The program is a relatively simple one but the benefit is found in it’s versatility an

d ability to be used across diverse platforms and devices.

Device Authority

Device Authority offers extensive security options across a number of platforms. In particular they focus on authentication and encryption across the Identity and Access Management of the Internet of Things. This is an expanding area as more electronics are SMART and are connected to the web. Device Authority also offers end to end security for IoT devices through their own platforms.


This start up also focuses on two factor authentication. They sell hardware to facilitate this, including tokens that generate one time passwords (OTPs). Their system is also offered as a service and can be integrated into larger IT systems. This is a growing area in security as two-factor authentication becomes an industry standard.

Mobile Security


Wandera has a strong pedigree, being started by the founders of ScanSafe back in 2013. This team focuses on mobile security. In particular, their Secure Mobile Gateway is an innovative combination of both cloud and application based security processes. It works by directing web traffic through a proxy, using a mobile app to achieve it’s goals.

About AniQuest LTD Cyber Security Services

AniQuest LTD is one of the most trusted IT support providers in London. We can offer support and advice about your cyber security policies and other IT support for business. As one of the best cyber security all-rounders in London, we can help you with any aspect of cyber security for your business, from penetration testing, mobile security, antivirus and malware protection, to network and cloud protection.


The ABIQUEST LTD deals business unit of British Aviation Group is the leading representative body for British companies involved in aviation and airport development and operations. We provide world class expertise to meet the challenges of global airports and we are the first port of call for global clients to connect to the full spectrum of British aviation expertise delivering solutions for airports large and small.

Welcome to ABIQUEST LTD, which you may already know by personal experience or from your network.  We have been in the aircraft maintenance industry for more than 20 years with our Simplifying Aircraft Maintenance software SAM.

ASA has background in the Nordic countries known for simplicity and outstanding design. You will notice that our expression has smooth lines, a firm expression and clear colors, all representing the simplified values of ASA. This is how we view our company and this is how we would like to do business.

What distinguishes ASA from others suppliers is the simplicity in our organisation and products, which you will experience dealing with us or working with the system. We simply want to be easy to work with, and we stribe to create a business environment which must benefit all parties and out products has been designed with simplicity in mind. 

Therefore we would like to offer you the best possible solutions both in terms of software, but also in terms of ways how to finance our software. We offer both OPEX and CAPEX oriented financial methods such as ASP, by Flight Hours, lease  or simply purchase the software. 


  • High Return on Investment ratio

  • Improved credibility with your customer and aviation authority

  • Time saving procedures and best practice methods

  • Reduce cost on AOG's and daily parts purchasing rutines

  • Increased cost control in many areas - components, parts, resources

  • Extensive support with industry knowledgeable personnel

  • and also the benefit of smooth implementation services enabling to quickly go live

  • All in all we would like to welcome you as a customer and should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact right away.