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ABIQUEST LTD is a global ICT integrator with an extensive history that extends over 12 years and head quaters located in East Yorkshire,England,UK. With nearly 2,500 employees, 8 locations in 4 countries across Europe and Asia Pacific, and in Latin America under the Connectis brand, AniQuest LTD brings a strong capability and expertise in Workspace, Applications, Aviation&MRO, Unified Communications and Managed Cloud services to provide a pro-active, end-to-end portfolio to enable the digital user – business or consumer, in both public and private sector.

Cloud Computing and Avation



  • The majority of organisations don’t move everything to the cloud straight away.

  • They identify a project to experiment with and trial a cloud-based service model on first before transitioning additional IT systems off  premise. 

  • 39% of organisations begin their journey to the cloud by creating an IT infrastructure transformation initiative.

  • This will usually re-architect their infrastructure services for cloud computing initiatives including implementing service catalogues or establishing reference architectures.

  • The most strategic entry point to cloud computing also brings the most business value. 10% of organisations go the route of having a business-driven initiative to increase agility and responsiveness to market changes.

  • These types of initiatives affect almost all levels and processes within an organisation and come with a high level of executive involvement.

  • At Getronics, we guide customers whichever route they choose.


Aviation & MRO:

  • The Business Intelligence Centre (WikiBAG) is the central location for all members to share business related opportunities.

  • It offers the latest information on airport projects across the world, bringing together intelligence gathered from Members, missions, and our network of airport and aviation contacts.

  • WikiBAG provides a comprehensive overview of potential programmes and projects from planning to operation and will keep Members ahead of the game when identifying potential opportunities.

  • The Sales Leads & Tenders are also available for BAG Members under WikiBAG in the Members area of the website.




  • Our Applications team is a group of passionate and highly experienced professionals, focused on the latest technologies and solutions to support our clients in addressing their business needs.

  • We can advise on the latest technologies and ways of working to deliver transformation strategies, enabling our clients to focus on the future.


WHY AniQuest?

  • Applications covers an extremely broad area of solutions and services.

  • Following our acquisition of specialist applications company Connectis, a team of over 3,000 software professionals joined Getronics enabling us to become a trusted adviser in this space and offer a truly end-to-end Applications portfolio.

  • The diagram below clearly categorises Getronics’ Applications offering, and by clicking on each box you can read further information about each area.


  • Up to now, Business generations have lived the majority of their lives surrounded by books, paper forms, face-to-face meetings, verbal communication, paper photos, desktop computers and office-based work.

  • As the analogue world comes to its end, businesses are expected to be fully digital. This means utilising applications and technologies to be more accessible to customers and staff alike.

  • The Digital generation is now the customer, field engineer, accountant etc. and they may not understand the 'old ways' of analogue business.

  • As a company, Getronics is leading a new workspace offering to provide flexible fully-digital workspace to our customers. Alongside the workspace offering, Getronics is also offering a set of Application technologies to provide the new digital experience to your customers.

  These are some of the technologies       easing the change:


  • Mobility

To provide information anywhere and through any device. To reach your customers quicker and easier. To capture contextual information based on location and time to help us making the right decisions.

  • Online Presence

Your company’s online presence is also your company’s digital identity. When someone interacts in whatever way with your digital presence they are interacting with your company. A strong, solid online user experience strategy is key to communicate with your users, customers and employees.

Knowledge Management & Collaboration
To share relevant and accurate information to your teams, avoid duplicate information, reduce paper-based information and more importantly, keep your information safe and secure. Host the company knowledge on an IT system to improve your company’s information.

  • Analytics

Internet of Things and the Digital Transformation has exceeded businesses capability to store data and the capability to analyse data. Being able to store and then to analyse data properly is the key to understand users and customers and to help employees work more efficiently.

1. Managed IT Solutions

2. Web Developments

3. Hosting & Cloud Computing

Helping you find the right IT solutions.

As a company with a long history of workspace expertise, AniQuest LTD believes that ICT demands will be driven by the needs of individual end users. The challenge to any organisation is to use technology to enable their workforce to become more productive, by making it easier for people to collaborate, wherever they are, in a secure and cost effective way.

  • Manage your fleet, perform all maintenance events "in house" or chose to outsource to a third party.

  • Manage your inventory.

  • Ensure work order packages are created, performed and closed properly.

  • SAM supports you in your work from both an Operator and Maintenance Provider perspective.

  • Control and track all maintenance events including spare-part status to ensure all needed information is on hand before you start your work order.

  • When an order is completed and closed it will be processed to the financial module for invoicing, as well as transferred to your company ERP system.

  • Ensure smooth entry and setup of your fleet, regardless of size, nature and complexity.

  • Smooth change of operator status including all owner information, tasks, components, notes, history and log and more from one operator to another.